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Blackboard Learn Ultra Base Navigation

Blackboard has introduced a new Base Navigation called Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) and a new Course View called Ultra View*.

The new navigator UBN will be:

Ultra Experience

Ultra experience includes the below 3 options:

What is LAU Using?

* All your Blackboard courses will stay on the Original Course View, on the same layout and format as you have built them.course-view-1.pngcourse-view-2.jpg

Ultra Base Navigation

The First Time Logon Using UBN

Activity Stream (Default Landing Page)

This is the default page when you logon to blackboard on UBN

Important (Activity Stream)



Upcoming (Activity Stream)

Today (Activity Stream)

Recent (Activity Stream)

Course Events that Trigger Notifications in STUDENT’s Activity Stream:

Course Events that Trigger Notifications in INSTRUCTOR’s Activity Stream:

Activity Stream

Notifications on the Activity Stream can be filtered or change their settings



Activity Stream Icons



  1. Profile photo
  2. Gender
  3. Prefix
  4. Privacy settings
  5. Other editable information
  6. Some important information may be non-editable to be changed
  7. Profile Video
  8. Profile Help

Profile Photo


  1. List of “current courses” in which you’re enrolled
  2. Organized by semester (plus assorted dates at the bottom)


  1. Add event – can apply to all, personal, or any course calendar(s)
  2. Edit course schedule – can add multiple course schedule items to the same course (such as one for the time/days for the lecture meetings and another for the labs)
  3. Add office hours – can apply to all, personal, or any course calendar(s)


Grades - Students

Grades - Instructors

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation Resources