Information Technology



E-Requests is an online service that allows students or alumni to send online requests to the Registrar’s Office in order to request transcripts or other documents such as enrollment statements, completed credits statements, deposit statements, degree statements, etc.

You will not be able to submit a request if you have:

All types of certificates have a non-refundable fee. Once you submit your request, you will be charged for the total amount. If not picked up within 30 days of submission, it will be destroyed, and the charge will not be waived.  

Students and alumni are allowed a maximum of two statements per type per request, and a maximum of five copies per type.

Payment can be made either online or in person at the Business Office.

Pick-up time is two working days after submission of the request (during regular periods) or after four working days in peak times (February, June and October).

If you cannot pick up the requested certificate personally, please send written authorization by email to .

The Registrar’s Office receives online requests and processes them automatically.

The students can access the system through: